I am a Freelance SEO Expert in Barcelona


I prepare Customised SEO Action Plans to solve the problems and take advantage of the opportunities for a specific Web Page.

Effective SEO Help

I Can Lead the Project to improve the visibility and ranking of your website within search engines.

As SEO specialist I will provide support and advice to create better contents for your​ Website.

A Complete Cover

I provide my clients with the opportunity to improve and expand their market through complementary actions in Google AdWords, Facebook, Blog Marketing, among other SEO Offpage factors.

Affordable SEO Services

I can provide SEO Agency services, with a customised approach and at an affordable cost, including the Web design in WordPress and using advanced SEO tools for the analysis (Semrush, Screaming Frog among others).

I create coherent and affordable SEO strategies to give your website content more opportunities for business generation compared with your competitors.

Working With a Freelance SEO Consultant

As a SEO Expert I offer my clients personalised attention and a serious commitment to meeting their goals.

My expertise is the result of more than 15 years of experience in the SEO field and from my studies in design, web development, communication and marketing.  

I particularly enjoy working on Web Optimisation (SEO Onpage) because at this stage we define the image that your website presents to your clients and search engines. That means a balanced optimisation, focused on technical improvements for search engines and of UX and Usability for your customers.